Day Trading

5 Reasons People Fail as a Day Trader

I always try to tell people what they need to do in order to have a legitimate shot at become a successful trader, but it dawned on me that I rarely point out the equally important factors that cause as many as 90% of all new traders to fail. By fail we mean lose money […]

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Price Break Out

How High Volume can Confirm a Potential Break Out

So let’s assume you’ve been following a stock and you feel good that all the signals you depend on to identify a potential buy are in place but you still would like a bit more confirmation before pulling the trigger. You need to know that this stock is primed and ready to go. It’s a […]

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Dow Jones News

Trading Stocks and Playing the News

The need for speed is a phrase that comes up frequently among those swing and day traders who use the news wires to identify potential trades. The news wires are constantly putting forth new stories containing information that can affect the value of a stock. How the trader interprets this information will determine the position […]

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day trading

Trading is not Investing

Many of you who have read this blog, or have sat through some of my seminars way back when day traders were called SOES bandits, (named after the old Small Order Execution System) have heard me say ‘Trading is not Investing’ hundreds of times. It’s still true today. The mindset of a trader is considerably […]

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Fear and Day Trading

Fear and the Art of Day Trading

Nobody ever lost his or her car payment or mortgage payment by paper trading. Paper trading is basically just writing down your entry and exit points for a stock and then calculating the profit or loss. Many of today’s day trading firms have simulators built in to their systems to almost completely replicate the actual […]

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