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Probably at no time in recent history of stock market trading has the volatility been so great with the possible exception of the infamous 1929 great crash period. It is for this reason that utilizing charts has become so much more important in the decisions made by stock traders. So many new and experienced traders would like to know how to use charts more efficiently but are discouraged by their own erroneous fears of the complexity of technical analysis.

Understanding charts and graphs is relatively simple and in a reasonably brief period of time any trader may be able to deduce assumptions with a modest amount of proficiency in reading charts.

Remember, all a chart is a illustrative representation of a particular stock or market’s movements in a given period of history, whether it is over years or intraday. Charts do not guarantee that a because a action happened one way in the past that it will assuredly move similarly again, but it does give a reasonable indication of possible movement in the future. Over the course of time charts, or technical analysis may as characterized by the movement of many will known indicators and averages display specific or familiar patterns that can be plainly identified by the trained eye. Quite often these patterns result in significant or subtle moves that can be predicted with reasonable expectation that a similar move will take place

It is my hope that that those of you who are interested in technical analysis and charting patters will share your experiences with others who will take part on this blog to make the trading experience more enjoyable and profitable for all. Please check back often for additional discussions on this subject.

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