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Written by Noah Hochman

Stock Trading is like baseball.  Teams win by scoring runs on singles and doubles and an occasional homerun.  If every player went up to the plate and swung for the fences to hit a homerun, the team would find it extremely difficult to win the games with any consistency.  The same is found to be true in the trading arena. Those traders who seem to always have the best results are the traders who take what the other team throws at them hit singles and doubles, (this can translate into .20 – .40 per trade) with the occasional homerun (.75 or better) when market conditions and the stock warrant it.

Far too many traders, especially novices go for that long ball and the big money which more often than not ends in poor results. Listen to those who came before you.

They lost money, so you may not have to.

Noah Hochman

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Noah Hochman

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  • This is a great blog but will you also be aiming some of your information to those of us that ‘dabble’ in trading on our own accounts? I do not work in the financial arena but would like to learn more and some of the terms you use I am not familiar with.

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