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Why Trade?

So many people ask me why I trade! The easiest answer is because I love the feeling of winning. Each time I execute a trade I am competing against someone else who has money in his or her pocket, and I want it, just the same as they want mine. Just like in a football game, I need to have a good game plan and execute it effectively. I have to adjust to the intangibles along the way.   Its important to remember that in this scenario money is just a tool that allows me to play and although the profit and loss is the bottom line, it is only a measure of how well you played. As a boy I played baseball purely for the love of the game, as a teen I played to get a college education and the love of the game, as a young adult I played a bit for financial gain, AND, the love of the game.  Can you see where I am going with this?


In any venture that is competitive, there will be elation and frustration, trading just happens to amplify these emotions. Your rewards for playing this game can be great and you need to remember you play, for the financial gain and what that gain can bring. As in baseball, you play or ‘trade’ for the love of it, but the money you can earn brings with it freedom and security.

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